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Get your Grill on with Citra Grill!

January 4, 2017


Grilled meat and veggies, how could you go wrong? That is precisely what this place is, grilled food to an absolute perfection. Citra grill is yet again another healthy option in downtown Walnut Creek. Many of their dishes are grilled with the “highest grade of fresh meat, vegetables, and seafood.” These are then skewered on a wooden stick and flavored with olive oil and citrus juices (hence the name). Everything is made to order. There is no reheating or microwave cooking here. In fact, the kitchen is wide open with a big grill in the center so you can watch your dish being grilled and prepared.


When you come here you must get this appetizer, the Citra cucumbers. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of cucumbers, but when I saw this come out of the kitchen I knew I had to try it! The dish is so incredibly simple, but absolutely flavorful and amazing. It comes with a pile of cucumber spears that are marinated with fresh citrus juice. Next to the cucumber spears is a pile of flaked salt. Simply dip the cucumber spear into the pile of salt. Since the cucumber is covered in a layer of citrus juice, the salt will stick to the outside of the spear. Finally, take a bite. The cool cucumber offsets the tang from the citrus juice and the flaked salt. When I first ordered this I was overcome by the amount of flavor these three simple ingredients made when they were put together. This dish is foolproof.



For the main meal, I like to order two skewers, however if you are really hungry go with three. The grilled meals will come with a baked-to-order flat bread, cabbage slaw, cucumber and tomato salad, and the special Citra potato salad. All of these are amazing, but the potato salad is to die for! I have never loved potato salad because it always has a gloppy mayonnaise based dressing. However, this potato salad is a whole different ball game. There is no mayonnaise in this one, but rather a tangy combination of dill pickles, onions, green peas, fresh dill, citrus juices, and olive oil. The olive oil and citrus juice creates a vinaigrette-like dressing for the potatoes which soak it up like a wet sponge. The potato salad has a few ingredients that make a perfect marriage when they come together and are packed full of bright flavors. For the grilled meat, I love to order the salmon or the chicken. Again both meats are grilled to order and seasoned with fresh citrus juices and olive oil. The salmon is all-natural, rich, and flakes off the skewer perfectly. I like to take some of the salmon off the skewer and eat it with the fresh bread like a gyro or a taco. The chicken is incredibly tender and moist, with flawless grill marks on the outside. You can even order white or dark meat depending on your preference. Lastly, each skewer comes with some beautifully charred cherry tomatoes on the ends. If you have never tried grilled tomatoes before it tastes like candy. The natural sugars in the tomatoes are heightened when they are cooked. When you bite down on the soft skin, the tomato will pop to reveal the sweet gooey center. Who would have thought tomatoes would taste that good? Do yourself a favor and give Citra grill a try!    





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