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Ring in the new year with healthy options at True Food Kitchen in Walnut Creek!

January 3, 2017

Downtown Walnut Creek has a new restaurant called True Food Kitchen. It has a wide selection of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. The menu is based on an anti-inflammatory diet. Many of their dishes include fruits, vegetables, grains, and sustainable proteins to help aid inflammation in the body. With many inflammatory diseases on the rise (i.e. Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, fibromyalgia, etc.) it is refreshing to see restaurants like True Food Kitchen incorporating healthy options for people to go to.


Luckily, healthy doesn’t mean the taste is being sacrificed! True Food Kitchen incorporates flavor into their food by using fresh herbs, spices, and organic products. For a drink try out the pomegranate chia limeade! It has a sweet and natural tart flavor from lime and pomegranate and the chia seeds add a nice texture and important fiber for your digestive tract. As a starter I would recommend the kale guacamole or the shiitake lettuce cups. There are no fryers at True Food Kitchen and they aren’t missed! The kale guacamole is served with baked pita chips which are far better than oily chips. The shiitake mushroom lettuce cups are packed with Asian flavors. The tofu and the mushroom are chopped very finely and then it is served with a delicious soy and sesame sauce. If you are a fan of lettuce cups, please give these ones a try!


For your meal I recommend getting the red chili noodles, inside out quinoa burger, or the grass-fed steak tacos. If you like Thai style noodles, then the red chili noodle bowl is right up your alley! It is great when added with some grilled chicken or shrimp. It is topped with some buttery cashews and toasted sesame seeds.



The inside out quinoa burger is packed full of Mediterranean flavors. There is no burger or buns, but it is not missed. The burger is the quinoa patties and they are lathered with lemony hummus and a creamy tzatziki, with fresh tomatoes, butter lettuce, and red onions. You have the option to get a side kale salad or sweet potato hash with the burger. I like to do half and half of each because they are both so good!




Lastly, if meat is your thing then True Food Kitchen is your place! Although there are many vegetarian options, the meat selection is fantastic as well. The grass fed steak tacos are tender and flavorful. The tacos are served with a crunchy slaw and pickled red onions. On the side is a hearty bowl of Anasazi beans and cotija cheese.



When I leave True Food Kitchen my body is happy and I am fully satisfied. Often times when I eat greasy or fatty foods I will feel sick to my stomach and feel hungry only a few hours later. When I eat whole foods that are good for my body and provide it the nutrients it needs, I am full for longer periods of time. Next time you are in Walnut Creek give True Food Kitchen a try! Your body will thank you!  

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