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Spice Kit through UberEats

December 27, 2016

A couple days ago, I was working from home and didn't have time to cook lunch. I really felt like trying something new this time, which is a rare occasion for me since I like to stick to the tried and true. Postmates was having some surge fees, so I switched over to UberEats and scrolled down the list. I saw a restaurant called Spice Kit and their 'Korean Bowl' item looked really good. It contains seasoned rice, red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, kimchi, marinated bean sprouts, and their signature ssam sauce. Unfortunately, it wasn't detailed what 'ssam sauce' consists of, but I looked it up and it is a mixture of hot pepper seasoning called 'gochujang', along with miso, sake, soy sauce, and rice vinegar. I would describe it as sweet and not too spicy. For $1.50 extra, I picked kalbi beef, and added fried egg for $1.25 more.



The food arrived on time to my delight, and it was encased in one of those compostable paper boxes. The savory aroma of kalbi and the spices hit the spot. I decided to not mix the ingredients together like a bibimbap ('mixed rice' dish in Korean), but instead chose to eat them piecemeal. I sampled some of the rice, which tasted strongly of sesame oil. The kalbi had a nice sweet marinade and the texture was decent, not overcooked. The vegetables tasted alright, but not much to speak of there. I was glad I added the fried egg.


All in all, the food tasted pretty good. However, the portion size was very unsatisfying. I felt like it was more of a snack because I knew after I had finished it, that I would be in for an early dinner. In that sense, I was pretty disappointed. I felt like if the portion sizes were larger, say 1.5x, it would really be a good, satisfying meal. I should probably mention that I was really hungry, so maybe for someone who's eaten breakfast and isn't super hungry, it might be just enough. It was worth trying for me, but I don't think I'll revisit their menu.


On a separate note, I must mention that I was impressed by the ease of payment for UberEats. They charge a $4.99 flat fee that includes the delivery cost and tip for the driver, no matter where you order from. The only caveat is if it's a really busy hour, there will be an extra surge fee, just like Postmates. However, Postmates charges a 9% service fee, and the tip is separate. I found the transparency ordering with UberEats in terms of what my final price would be before ordering to be comforting. I will have to try ordering more from UberEats to see if I favor them over Postmates. 


Thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts below! 





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