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Best Avocado Toast in SF?

December 14, 2016

Avocado toast has been a trend for quite a while now.  I usually just make my own if I want to eat it, but I recently made it my mission to find the best avocado toast in San Francisco. I went to a total of four places this time around, but if you know of a good avocado toast that is not on this list, let me know in the comments down below!


To kick things off, I ordered the popular avocado toast at Jane on Larkin for $9. 



On this toast, they mash the avocado so it kind of looks like guacamole. On top of the avocado, they place a poached egg, pickled shallot, jalapeños, and mixed greens.  I was not a huge fan of all the toppings. I prefer simpler ingredients and felt that Jane went a little over the top. The poached egg was OK but can get very runny, making it difficult to eat without making a mess. I didn't particularly care for the pickled shallots or jalapeños. The avocado toast also includes only one piece of toast. For that price, I think it's quite expensive as most avocado toasts I've had usually come with a minimum of two slices of bread. 


The most expensive avocado toast I've ever eaten is this one at Lord George for $13. 



I ordered this because I was curious what kind of avocado toast you can get for $13. I quickly realized the spike in price was due to the tapenade. If you don't know what tapenade is, it is puréed olives, anchovies, capers and olive oil. I wasn't a huge fan mostly because I personally don't enjoy the taste of olives. However, minus the tapenade the avocado toast was pretty good. The avocado was a mashed spread but it was nice and ripe. I like the fact that it did not have superfluous toppings like the one at Jane. However at $13, I probably will never order this again. Without the tapenade, the avocado toast is quite simple and definitely not worth $13. If you love olives and tapenade, this is definitely one to check out because I don't see this offered everywhere!


I've also had avocado toast served on a cheeseboard à la Cheesecake Factory.



So earlier, I said Lord George was the most expensive toast, but this one actually might be more pricy (If someone knows how much this costs, please leave a comment below). To be fair, this comes with much more bread (divided into five slices). It's meant to be served as an appetizer for more than one person, but I just ate it as my entire lunch meal. This toast has mashed avocado on top of sliced grilled artisan bread topped with marinated tomato, watercress, radish, red onion, olive oil and lemon. The toast was delicious, but again came with an overwhelming number of toppings. It's practically an open-faced sandwich at this point and was difficult to eat without making a complete mess. I probably would not order this again but it does come with a lot of healthy ingredients. It's almost like a salad on top of a toast. 


My absolute favorite avocado toast for its price is definitely the one made by Scullery for $9. 



The folks at Scullery slice an entire avocado to fit on two large pieces of thick bread. The bread originates from The Midwife and the Baker which is a local San Francisco bread bakery. It's a very thick whole grain toast. They butter the top of the toast, place the avocado on top, and drizzle it with garlic oil, rock salt, and black pepper. The ingredients are simple yet it tastes amazing. Something about the rock salt and black pepper make it extremely flavorful. I like this toast because it contains simple ingredients and the avocado comes sliced instead of mashed. 



For $9, you get two large generous pieces of toast. I used to think this toast was pretty expensive, but when I compare it to other offerings in the city, I realize it's the best value for your dollar. Scullery is actually a British inspired cafe and opened relatively recently in May 2016. It's a very small cafe in the Tenderloin and offers an entire menu of different toasts. So far I've only tried their avocado toasts, but I will definitely have to come back to try their Cinnamon Sugar and Smoked Trout toasts!


I know I have not tried every avocado toast out there in the city. If you have any suggestions or recommendations where FoodManiacPro should try avocado toast next, please leave a comment down below. Hope this comparison review helps you decide where to go next! 

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