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Patxi's Pizza Delivered

December 5, 2016

If you live on the west side of America and crave that Chicago deep dish style pizza, don't worry I got you covered! Patxi's Pizza has been delivering their signature deep dish pizzas since 2004 and have over 15 locations in California, Colorado and Washington. 



In this video, I review my first time experience eating Patxi's signature "Favorite" pizza. I liked the fact that I could order straight from my phone app without directly calling the restaurant and risk being put on hold or waiting a long time to place my order.



I personally ordered the 10" "Favorite" which comes with pepperoni, fresh mushrooms and black olives. Please note that you can order larger sizes - 12" for an additional $4 and 14" for an additional $9. You can also choose between a cornmeal pan crust or the healthier whole wheat crust. I chose the whole wheat crust. While sometimes the whole wheat option does not taste as good as the original, I was pleasantly surprised. The crust did not taste grainy or bland and impressively upheld its buttery flakiness.  By the way the 10" pizza is perfect as a personal pizza for 1 person or it can satisfy 2 people with smaller appetites. As a petite girl, I was able to eat 3 slices comfortably. However, if you typically have a larger appetite, then I recommend upgrading to the 12" for 2 people and 14" for 3 people. 



Postmates makes it super easy to customize your pizza if needed. For example, if you don't like olives you can write a note in "Special Instructions" to omit any olives. 


The 10" "Favorite" pizza costs $22 and the delivery fee is $6. However with my Postmates code, I was able to get the delivery for FREE. So since I saved on delivery, I made sure to tip my fellow Postmate (note: tips are not required but still encouraged)!


Each individual slice is pretty generous. In case you're wondering, the pepperoni and mushrooms are hidden on the bottom most layer underneath all the tomato sauce. 


I want to mention that I ordered my food at 7:10 PM on a Friday night (common time to order pizza am I right?). The courier arrived at my doorstep at 8:25 PM. Please note that with food deliveries, you should expect at least an hour from ordering to receive your food if it's not a large order. However, even though it took 1 hour and 15 minutes, I was able to fill that time doing other productive activities instead of having to Lyft to Patxi's, wait in line, and wait for my food to be prepared in person. 












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